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  • Greenbrier Valley Entrepreneurs Cafe is still looking for organizations to partner and help this become a quarterly event in the Greenbrier Valley! Please contact Katie Ickes at visability7@gmail.com to get more information about being involved, or visit www.gvecafe.com for more details!

  • What is Entrepreneurs Cafe?

    Entrepreneurs Cafe is a competition inviting local business-savvy people to pitch a new idea, product, service, or entrepreneurial project to the community.

    How does it work?

    Aspiring entrepreneurs fill out an application and submit to the selection committee. Members of the community are invited to purchase dinner- during dinner, entrepreneurs pitch their idea or project to the Cafe. When the meal is over, everyone who purchased a ticket gets to vote for their favorite project. The project that receives the most votes receives the majority of proceeds from the pot - beginning at $500.

    Ok, I'm interested in pitching. What are the rules?

    -Presentations may not exceed 5 minutes. There will be a moderator to keep time and make sure nobody goes over!
    -After the presentation, the moderator will open the floor for questions.
    -Presenters may include audio or visuals (video, power point, pictures, props) if they so desire, but these are included in the 5 minute presentation time.
    -Presenters are responsible for equipment and are encouraged to arrive early to set up and test equipment.
    -Presentations must clearly state goals, how the funding will benefit their business, organization or community, why it is important to them, how the funds will be used, and identify any partners.
    -Each presenter is required to give an update at a Cafe meeting within six months of receiving the award.
    -Winners may not 'pitch' again  unless they have provided an update and can demonstrate a new need.

    Still unsure about pitching your idea? Check out some common types of Entrepreneurship (below) or contact Katie with the Chamber: (304)645-2818 or email 

  • Forms of Entrepreneurship
    (from Vision Shared)
    Entrepreneurial activity takes many different forms. Some are summarized below:
    Technological - Technological entrepreneurship is linked to science and the evelopment of new scientific advances.
    Business - New business, no matter what its size or product, means entrepreneurship has happened. It may be a pizza parlor or a biotech start-up. Business entrepreneurs commonly start their working lives in one firm and then use their experiences to find their market niche.
    Financial - Financial entrepreneurship creates new ways to broaden the credit market so investment capital will be more available. In recent months and years, new entrepreneurs have created ways to finance business and social entrepreneurs, including crowd funding/financing, where money is raised from a very large group of people making small contributions.
    Intrapreneurship - Intrapreneurship is entrepreneurship that occurs within an existing firm. Intrapreneurship activities include new product nad service development, upgraded marketing plans, mergers, and acquisitions, department reorganizations, and penetrating new markets.
    Arts - The arts comprise one of the oldest forms of entrepreneurship, and in many respects the least developed. West Virginia has a proud tradition of art entrepreneurship found in rural settings.
    Social - Social entrepeneurship usually occurs outside of for-profit firms. It is designed to meet a need not being fully addressed or addressed at all by other businesses. Social entrepreneurships are local and regional organizations designed to reconstruct urban cores and to bring development to rural areas.
    Teams - Teams allow specialization and additional input, improving output and hastening the innovation's introduction. While in some cases a single name is associated with an entrepreneurial advance, none worked in isolation. 

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    Entrepreneur Cafe partners:
    Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce, Vision Shared, Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation, New River Community and Technical College, the Small Business Administration.

    We are looking for more partners! Contact Katie Ickes at visability7@gmail.com to support business in the Greenbrier Valley and get more involved!